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Witness Alert System Updated

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Publiclast month3 min read

First Version

In an earlier post I wrote about, and shared, some code to put a simple witness alert system into place. Witness servers that miss too many blocks in a row, will automatically be disabled. No witness wants that to happen, you want to know right away when blocks are being missed. At the same time, you don't want to glue yourself to the screen to keep track of your server.

Witnesses who are on Discord when their server starts missing blocks, will soon have Honeybee alerting them again. Although I am on Discord a lot, I wanted a system I could maintain myself. Programmers...

That is why I developed a system that would email me when my server would start missing blocks. It works but has some quirks. For example, it has the number of missed blocks hardcoded in the code. This makes the script send me email after email until I manually adjust that number in the code.

This weekend I found some time to adjust the script a bit.

  • The variable data is moved to a file, so it can be read, adjusted and saved
  • Chain specific data is stored in a file as well, so I can check my Smoke witness using the same script (Smoke part still needs a little work, but the workflow is present)
  • New accounts can be added without having to touch the core code, nor the file with the variable data

The big win on this one is there is no longer a need to go and adjust the number of missed blocks in the code manually, and it is easier to add more accounts. The script will still send an email every 10 minutes during the time blocks are being missed, but will automatically stop doing that when things are taken care of.

What is next?

Well the question is, what to do with the code?

  • Should I just keep it to myself
  • Should I just share it, so others can use it too
  • Should I run the system as a service, let others sign up,
    should it cost anything or be free (keep in mind I have a server running to support this system)
  • Should I sell it? There is a risk of shooting myself in the foot here. I could be charging $100 for the code and spend $300 supplying support because differences in server settings can mess up a script pretty quickly.

What do you think?

As a witness, would you pay for a service like that. Do you feel the need for a service like that? Would you rather have the code to install it on your own server? Do you have the knowledge to do so, or would you need support? What would it be worth to you?

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