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Who wants Coffee?

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public2 months ago

On Discord, Coffee is serving you notifications related to actions on your Whaleshares account.


  • comments
  • rewards
  • mentions
  • witness votes
  • pod join requests

Easy commands

!register accountname
!unregister accountname

Limitations to Registration

  • multiple registrations per Discord ID
  • only one registration per Whaleshares account
  • the owner of a Whaleshares account has a right to claim their account in case someone else registered it before they did
  • while still in testing mode, only a limited number of new users can be added.
    Contact me on Discord.

Use your witness votes wisely

Jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your witness votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to the witness names of your choice (consider voting for "krazywitness" and "ijmmaiwitness") and supply your wallet key (private active key) to lock in your vote. Refresh the page in case your vote doesn't seem to stick.


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