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ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public9 months ago2 min read

Use this link: https://beta2.whaleshares.io

First Things First

The first button you should click after logging in is "Settings".

Your slider is disabled by default. Without enabling it you will put a 100% reward on a post or comment.


Two ways to get to your wallet. In your wallet you will find the new Witness Votes page.
The third way would be to click "Vote for Witnesses"

Witness Votes page - new layout

You may need to refresh the page, for the About information to show up. While you are there, why not remove those votes cast on disabled witnesses?

Rewarding Posts

Yes, that is right, it changed. You have to open the post before you can reward on it.

The information available directly is found in these buttons

Mouse-over and click these to find additional info


You can bookmark post, for later use, for easy access. You may need to refresh the page for the bookmarks to show up.


Your posts are saved as draft while being created. These drafts are still available after publishing your post.
Drafts can NOT be used as template. They are tightly attached to the original post.
When you change the draft, you change the original post.


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