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Treasure Hunt III - Remember this one?

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Friends12 days ago2 min read

We were still hunting five months ago, but then two errors started working against us:

  • Notification bot stopped working
  • Encrypted memos stopped working

This resulted in two problems:

  • Hunters could miss an announcement and not be able to file an answer in time
  • Hunters could no longer send their answers encrypted

The hunt was postponed.
Today I just want to finish the hunt, and at some time in the future start a new one.

These were the hunters still in the hunt

Nr.NameTokens Sent

At that moment the Treasure Chest contained:

To my knowledge, HumanityCoin, and DerangedCoin, are no longer in use.
Correct me if I am wrong.
That leaves 800 KrazyKoin for 9 hunters. Each hunter, except @merej99, will receive 100 KrazyKoin.
For @merej99 I'll think of something else.

Please hunters provide your bts account in a comment or in a DM on Discord.

Hope to see you when Treasure Hunt IV starts

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