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Online Stats and Fun Facts - Minor Update

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public7 months ago4 min read


The project started with this first post, a website with 3 sorts of statistic information. These are the stats I used to post with graphs earlier on. At this moment it is just about the numbers. There is no history function, yet. The numbers are a snapshot of blockchain information of that very moment.


The fullnode is up and running again. Results should show up in a fashionable time span. If it takes too long check the url, you need to use HTTP for now, not HTTPS. I am working on that.

The "Transactions"-section is still a bit of a draft of what it should be. Today I made the links in the "Rewards" section clickable.


This may seem like a small thing to add, and code wise, it is, but it adds functionality in an unexpected way.

Flagging is not used often on the platform, but when you do, you most likely want to be able to set the amount you want to flag with. For posts this is no problem, the slider shows up, once enabled in the settings. For comments it is different. When you flag a comment, you automatically flag 100%. This means you may be using 100% of your valuable mana where 5% would have been sufficient.

A workaround is to go to the profile of the curator of the comment, click the Activity Tab, and click the link to the comment. Now the comment is displayed as a post, rather than a comment, and reacts the same way to flagging as a post does. Your slider will be available.

The recently set limit of only querying the 30 latest actions for displaying info on the different tabs, makes that the comment you are looking for may not show up on that Activity Tab. These comments can still be found in the listing on whaleshares.nl as that query is not limited to 30 actions, but 10,000 actions.

This functionality makes it easier to flag more precisely for all members, and more specific for the @Whaleguardians Team to not waste mana while fighting comment abuse. Also tagging @kotturinn
here as she mentioned the issue some time ago in the feedback channel of the Official Whaleshares Discord server.


Layout is still not a priority, but will be worked on in the future.

You can check: whaleshares.nl

Witness Rankingrank, number of voters, and so on
User Account Informationname, reputation, posts, (proxy) witness votes, and so on
Rich & (in)Famousa top 25 listing of accounts that hold Whalestake/WLS
Facts & FunGeneral Stats on the Blockchain
posts, users, bandwidth, witnesses, account/money distribution
Friends & Stalkersfollowers, unfollower, muted
Your 100 Latestlisting of 100 latest post titles
Transactionscheck selected transactions of an account
WhalepaperFind out what Whaleshares is all about

Coming Up

More features will be added, but also new stats.

For Example:

  • (in)Active Followers
  • Posts/Comments
  • Charts
  • Howto's

Further away Future

Due to growth of the blockchain, it will get harder to query for information in a timely fashion. A switch to querying a database, instead of the blockchain directly, will then be made.

Leave a comment for feedback or suggestions.

Note: Press Ctrl+Shift+r, if you have used the website before. This will force the browser to load the latest version of the files.

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