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One of the Revenue Models that will disappear after HF4

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This is one of the many revenue models used currently on Whaleshares by people who think they have a right to take a bigger part of the reward pool than you do.

Don't want to point fingers to anyone so let's invent a non-existing user.

Meet Skippie


Skippie doesn't post, but writes comments. Around 10 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Mostly just a few words, sometimes more.

Meet Skippie's friends

Skippie has friends. Friends who have a nice stack of stake, but do not use the platform. Luckily for Skippie, they don't mind handing over their posting key to Skippie. That is a win-win for both. Skippie, has now more accounts to reward with, and the friends earn something, without being present, from curation. Aren't we all a happy bunch things are arranged this way.

During Daytime

When you look at Skippie during daytime, it is a pretty nice member, generous, you could say. After visiting your post, not only your post is rewarded but the comments that Skippie comments on, also get a reward. Nice, to share like that. This rewarding is only done by Skippie's own account. Nice reward.

During Night-time

When you look at Skippie during night-time things get a little shady. At night-time it hits Skippie it is nice to give, but way nicer to take. But how to go about that? You can freely share, but how do you get others to reward you the same amount, or even better more. Skippie wants more, more than everyone else.

And then Skippie remembers the keys handed over by the friends. Together, their total reward is way higher than the reward from the Skippie account. While no one is watching Skippie revisits the comments that were added earlier and puts a reward on it with every friend account.

Next Day

When you revisit your post, you probably have to blink to realize what happened. The meaningless comments got rewarded 3x what you got for your whole post? And not just one comment, but all comments. To be more specific, all Skippie's comments.

Why does it matter?

You may think, what does it matter, I received a nice reward.
The reward pool holds an amount of WLS, that amount is shared among all the post/comments that are made. If someone starts to multi-post/comment and highly reward, it means your payout decreases, because they take a bigger part of what is available.

It matters in different ways:

  • if Skippie wasn't this greedy, there would be more to share among all, from the reward pool.
  • the Skippie comments are mostly meaningless. They confuse new members who start to think they need to comment the same way to also get those rewards. They are unaware Skippie is the one who is rewarding himself, not the people who own the accounts that are listed
  • when the platform gets filled with crap posts/comments by people who think they have a right to grab a bigger part of the reward pool than the rest of the platform, it will be hard to keep people motivated to post, and it will be hard to interest new people to join the platform


What is going to happen to Skippie's revenue model?

  • is Skippie going to use his daily-reward to tip members, like he did before? Or will adding that amount to the stake of the Skippie account be all the action for the day? Every day, from now on.
  • is Skippie still going to write comments, now that there is no friend reward to reward them with. Or do you think Skippie's greediness will go as far as using the daily-rewards of the friend accounts?

What do you think?

  • Looking at the revenue model what do you think, will Skippie be pro or anti HF4?
  • Looking at getting rid of the meaningless highly rewarded comments, will the platform look better or worse after HF4?
  • Do you want to stay on HF3, let accounts like the Skippie account polute the platform and walk away with more loot than they deserve.
  • Or, is it time to clean things up. Close shop for the "using the platform in an unintended way" accounts, and start making this place more fun for people who actually like to post and socialize?

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