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My posts don't get rewarded. Why not?

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public6 months ago5 min read


This question shows up as a DM to me, on Discord, pretty often. People spend some time to create a post, publish it, and... wait. After a few hours some bots may have come by, but that is it. Disappointed by being neglected, their next move could be, copying bad behavior from others. Let's see what can be done about being neglected, and is it really a matter of being neglected.

Social Sharing

Whaleshares is, or should be, all about social sharing. For me that means you share your own posts and interact with other members by replying to their comments, and commenting on their posts. It is really that simple.

It should not be about bots rewarding your posts, bots are not human, they do not read your post, they do not comment on the content, at best they leave a comment advertising their reward, they do not interact with you on a human to human level.

Where do things go wrong

I am going to assume you know what a good post looks like.
You know you need to write your own text, you know you need to source your images if they are not your own. You know you can't use watermarked images without permission of the owner. You know you have to quote text that has not been written by you, but copy/pasted from another website.

Your behavior

Let's exaggerate the actions a bit. What if everyone, posted, and waited? Then no one ever got a comment or a reward from a human being, ever.

What I am trying to say is, you want others to visit your posts, others are expecting the same from you. If you are new to the platform people will most likely not be aware of your presence. You will have to go out and mingle to get people to notice you.

Add meaningful comments to posts you like, posts that interest you, posts that make you wonder. A meaningful comment means you say something about the actual content, or ask a question. Just writing "very nice" or "well done" is not a meaningful comment.

In short, treat other posts the way you want your own post to be treated. Give it the attention it deserves.

Once people notice you, they will visit your profile and if they like your content, will reward and if possible leave a meaningful comment as well.

Use of tags

Make sure you only use tags that relate to your content. That way people who are interested in certain topics will easier find your post. It results in getting the attention of members who are already interested in the topic. You can use 5 topics/tags but you don't have to use them all.

There are many tags that are associated with getting rewarded by a bot. Some people only use 5 of those tags. That is not the best thing to do. For example, if you are an artist and drew something nice, posting it with 5 bot related tags, your post will be visited by the bots. And that is about it. People who like to support art will probably check the #art category and will not be able find your post. Think about that when choosing tags.

How I curate

First of all, I like original content, the first thing I do is check the #originalcontent category (but also #art #poetry, #nature, #photography). Tagging your work as originalcontent however does not automatically result in a reward. Curation is done manually, I have to like your post. Tagging posts with plagiarized or copy/paste content as original content, will result in flagging.

But that is not all, I also want to see you engage with the community. If you are one of those people who post, but don't reward and/or comment on other people's post, you are using the platform as a billboard. That is more or less a one way street. Social sharing should traffic both ways.

Another thing you are allowed to do is post multiple times a day. Those will not all be rewarded. Especially when it is sort of the same thing over and over.

What I like to see, is that you are here for the people, using the platform for social sharing, not for mining. Don't support the use of bots, it doesn't help the human aspect of the platform.

Last but not least, v12 tagged posts will not be rewarded. This issue has been discussed in many places already so I will leave it to this.
The above goes for all my accounts

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