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I am tired, I am leaving

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Friendslast month3 min read


It has been a tough week, maybe even a little longer than that.
Days filled with discussions, explanations, and even fights.
On the platform, on Discord in the channels, on Discord in Private Messages.

It is hard to keep your cool when people all of a sudden approach you as their enemy.
Despite the hours of work, the effort to make things a little easier, a little clearer to everyone, people are sure I am after "their" blockchain. Not just me, the whole team. We are going to destroy it.

No we are not, we are creating more room for content, and less for spam. I never imagined it would be so hard to get that message across. The fear for change, the economic change completely different from other platforms, it was expected. Seeing the scammers getting almost more credit than the team... weird.


It was worth it, every character typed, every word spoken, I would do it again. Not this week though.

I am stepping away for a week. No platform, no Discord, no tips. Luckily there is no real limit to tip people. We can now spread some love whenever we want, in whatever way we want. Post, comment, account, we have it all.

What am I going to do

  • Adjust the website
  • See what the other side of my front door looks like (a little more often)
  • Take that macro lens I bought some time ago, for a spin
  • Might even take a look at the code of the platform. See if I can be of more help when changes need to be made.
  • Think about what is the best way to post, tip and grow
  • Come up with a new contest. I have some ideas already

Thank you team, for being awesome. Thank you members who didn't lose faith.

See you all in a week. Have Fun!!

Posted as Friend Post. Right now, I can really do without the "noise".

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