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I am looking for a friend, I hope you will help me

ijmmaiwitnessPosted 9 days ago for Everyone to comment on2 min read


I would really like to be friends with this little guy. He is part of the Townstar game and supplies brine/salt at a stable interval. (the link is my referral link)

To get this little Salty Bot, you need to invite 10 people to join the game. These 10 people need to at least start the game, this can easily be done on the free monthly server, and perform a few trades.

When you start the game, you pick a plot. The plot will already have some items on it, and also some wheat to trade/sell. Your little farmer will water the present crop and fill the silo up with even more wheat you can trade/sell.

What do you need to sign up?

Not much, just email-address verification. They suggest you create a wallet, but that is not needed if you are just helping me out to get 10 planks.

What would be even better?

I would love for more people to play this game. On the weekly server you can earn GALA coins. We could team up and try to beat other teams. With whaleshares.io in our town name (as @nlbloggers suggested) we can promote Whaleshares while playing.

We can even have our own competition. Creating a leaderboard for just whaleshares players will be a challenge but I would love to give it a try.


If you help me get these planks. I will tip you 100 WLS. Make sure to have whaleshares.io in your town name and some reference to your Whaleshares account name so I can find you on the leaderboard.

Leave a comment with your town name and current rank on the Leaderboard.

Game Info

It is likely you mess things up, no worries, you can start over as many times as you want. To check your rank click the graphic at the top right where it states your points.

Hope to see you in Townstar

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