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HF4 - How to Tip

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With HF4 a new way of rewarding will be introduced. Let's take a closer look at the tipping system.

Tip Jar

Instead of one big reward pool where all rewards come from, every member gets their own Tip Jar. You could say, instead of having a money tree in your yard (as mana regenerated constantly) you now get a once a day allowance. This allowance, your daily-reward, can be used to fill your Tip Jar.

This is what it looks like:

On the above Status page, the Tip Jar (Tip Balance) is zero. The daily-reward is 150.922 WLS. Now the user has to decided to take one or more of the following actions:

  • Claim their daily-reward to their own account
  • Send their daily-reward to someone else
  • Add their daily-reward to their Tip Balance
  • A combination of the above actions

Other ways to fill the Tip Jar

What if you run out of WLS in your Tip Jar and still want to reward a post, a comment, an account? No worries, you can also send liquid WLS to your Tip Balance directly.


That is all there is to know about filling the Tip Jar. How do you use it?

Using the Tip Jar

Every post, every comment, every account, will have either the Tip icon, or a Tip link. Those work the same way you would start to reward someone. A slider will appear.


You can set the slider to any amount between 1 and 100 WLS, add a memo, and confirm to make it final.

What if I want to send more?

You can combine tipping posts, comments and the actual account.

What happens after I tip?

The amount you tip immediately shows up as Whalestake to claim, on the Status page of the tipped account. It will show up in the spot where your author/curation rewards showed up before. The owner of the account can stake them right away.

Does my Tip Balance expire?

No it doesn't, it is like the Whalestake in your account, it will always be there until you tip someone with it. You still need to claim your daily-reward within every cycle.

How about new people?

New people have been supported from the start. Take a look at the #introduceyourself section, and see for yourself. The people who want the platform to grow, will still support new people. New people just need to write good content and socialize. Not much changed.

No one will tip

That phrase has been used a lot, and to be honest it surprised me.
When you say no one will tip, does that mean:

  • you already decided you won't tip anyone?
  • you don't think your content is worth tipping?
  • you think your current friends will not support you anymore?

Personally I am not afraid this will be the case. What I hear a lot, is people eager to support someone, but unable to find original content creators. Let's work on that.

What if I want to empty my Tip Jar

Just tip your own account, or post, or comment. The WLS will be available as Whalestake to claim, just as it would have been if you had claimed your daily-reward to your own account right away.

How will it affect unintended platform use?

Multi posters

They can still post multiple times per day, if they want, but there is no use in tipping those posts themselves. The WLS used for tipping is already theirs. They would just be moving WLS from their Tip Jar to their claimable whalestake stack. Something they could have done directly while claiming the daily-reward.

Multi comments

That is kind of the same story. Those people can still fill the platform with meaningless comments, but what will they tip it with? Their own Tip Balance? Will they go as far as robbing the people who trusted them with their keys, from their daily-reward?

Alt Accounts

Same story. If someone has three alt accounts, or more, they can tip one account with the other, but would only be moving WLS around that could have been sent from one account to the other while claiming the daily-reward. So what is the use?

Note: for some reason people seem to think others left Whaleshares because of how the platform is organized. I don't believe that to be true. People left because the scamming, abusing, high rewards on non-posts and non-comments, crap posts, started to dominate the platform.
I am not going to ask you to remove or cast witness votes, like others seem to do. I am just going to ask you to decide for yourself, do you want a platform that facilitates abuse, or do you want a platform that facilitates original content, socializing, connecting to real people, and at the same time supplies a basic income for those who have invested in Whalestake and don't feel like doing that.


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