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Fuzzy's Vision - My Take on it

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Let's start with a DISCLAIMER

The most important part of the title is "My Take on it".

  • I am not pretending to know Fuzzy better than you do
  • I have not discussed the content of this post with Fuzzy
  • I have not discussed Fuzzy's vision with Fuzzy

My take on it, is purely based on what I have heard, what I have seen, and what I have experienced

  • as a new member
  • as a moderator on the Official Whaleshares Discord server
  • as a witness
  • as initiator of the @whaleguardians team
  • as a participant in several subgroups related to Whaleshares

and last but not least while talking to people in Discord chat, and on the platform.

The Beginning of Whaleshares

Whaleshares started off as a community. A community that saw Steemit slide downhill in many ways. A community that decided to start their own blockchain. No bad feelings towards Steemit, just taking the good and use an alternative approach to, hopefully, avoid the bad.

The alternative approach can be described as "Fuzzy's Vision".

Who is Fuzzy?

The above image is taken form a Youtube video, in which you can see and hear Fuzzy talk, together with Stan Larimer in the show hosted by Crypto Connie.

If you want to hear Fuzzy explain the Fuzzy's Vision concept in more detail, you should watch or listen to the recording of the hangout he participated in on 30 October 2018(unfortunately the video is private now).

For those of you who do not know Fuzzy aka @officialfuzzy he is the founder of BeyondBitcoin and the cofounder of Bitshares. He also is the "whale" behind the first whaletokens Whaleshares (mostly retired - UIA not wls) and BEYONDBITs that work on steemit to gain an upvote from his account there. Fuzzy penned the whalepaper and whaleshares.io was created per his vision and guidance.
--- KrazyKrista in Discord Chat

What is Fuzzy's Vision?

The short version would be: "A free world for his son to grow up in, without censorship or any other limitations other than the ones he chooses himself", (keep in mind, this is what I got from listening Fuzzy explain his vision).

How does that relate to Whaleshares?

What he is looking for is Facebook, with some changes.

  1. No mr Z. or any other CEO, but instead let the community be the owner of the blockchain and the platform.
  2. No mindless "I like this" clicking, but only like (share) what you really want your followers, or your community, to know/see.
  3. Based on a blockchain.

Are we as a community ready for Fuzzy's Vision?

No. I wish we were, but in my opinion we are not.

We are not looking at Whaleshares as FB with some adjustments, we are looking at Whaleshares as Steemit with some adjustments. That is a complete different perspective.

Change of Mindset

We need a change of mindset. Not just the members on the platform, but the community as a whole, on all layers.

Business plan

I have heard (Steemit veterans) advice new members to treat their account as a product. It needs to be top nodge to get people interested in it, you need to come up with a strategy to "sell" your product, and so on. It was basically an advise to write a businessplan.

That is 100% Steemit, and 0% FB.

Another person advised, some people interested in how to create an audience, to not write more than once a day, or maybe even only every other day. Do your homework, research, put quality out there, and so on.

That is 100% Steemit, and 0% FB.

This all is not what Whaleshares should be, according to Fuzzy's Vision. I hate to bring it up, as it has been quoted so often, but for those who missed it:

If you want to post a picture of a half eaten sandwich, you should be able to do that
--- Fuzzy

Do we want FB behavior?

No. We don't want people to copy paste whatever they come across and be rewarded for it. We want some kind of balance between effort and reward. That is a tough one though. What can be done by one in a minute, could take another one hours. Same result, same reward? Tricky.

Apart from effort we also want quality. Also tricky. What is quality to you, can be crap to me.

And last but not least, it needs to have value. I think I can just say, that one is tricky too.

What should posts look like

In principle people should be free to post what they like. I like to describe it as, post in a way that you would talk to your friend when having coffee together.

You don't show your friend an article and say "Hey, look what I wrote", but you may say:

  • I read an article about X and they said Y. I was surprised, because I always thought Z".

The same goes for how to present the article. You don't sit your friend down, and force him to hear you read the whole article.

  • You just give him the highlights and tell him where the article can be found.

You don't tear a page out of a magazine and say "Look at this picture I took with my phone"

  • You may show him the magazine and say how much you like the picture

There is no degree needed to talk to your friend, there is no degree needed to post on Whaleshares. Just be you, and be genuine.


Last couple of week I have noticed more frustration on the platform and on the Discord server. There are things happening on the platform that we all hoped, would not happen. No need to go into detail here we have all seen it. I have been approached by many, with reports on what kind of bad behavior was spotted and what action should be taken to stop or prevent it.

People want action taken, restrictions put in place. They get frustrated because they see the bad behavior and nothing is being done about it. They see good behavior that is not rewarded to its value. It is tempting to join the bad, especially when you notice bad behavior even from those who should, or are expected to, know better.

Sit tight, the best is yet to come

That would be my advise for now. Let's wait till Fuzzy's Vision has been implemented completely. Work with it and then decide, as a community, if changes are needed. But most of all, adapt to the mindset of that "half eaten sandwich". The platform will probably never be 100% FB, and 0% Steemit, but maybe 90% FB and 10% Steemit would work just fine.

Information on what is coming, as always, can not be shared yet, but I can say, the way we are using the system right now does hardly reflect 40% of Fuzzy's vision. Don't throw it out before it has been completed. Don't throw it out before we have had a chance to try it.

Look upon it as putting an IKEA cabinet together, some of what you are doing may seem wrong, or pointless, halfway done, but makes perfect sense once completed.

In two years time, we will look back on this rollercoaster period saying, "Do you remember those first few months? Who could have imagined it would grow into this great system we have now". Trust me.

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