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[CLOSED] TREASURE HUNT - TASK #5 - 500 KrazyKoin in the Treasure Chest

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public10 months ago2 min read

The details of the Treasure Hunt Contest can be found here.

Results Task #4

We lost 1 participant in round 4.


  • didn't find the time to finish task #4

The answers of the questions asked in Task #4 were inspiring.

I am very sorry for those who failed this task, but I have to apply the rules strictly. It wouldn't be fair to the ones who did perform this task correctly, even if it was by accident.

Who is still hunting?

Only the clickable accounts are still in.

NameTask #1Task #2Task #3Task #4

TREASURE HUNT - TASK #5 - Witness Votes

This time you have to hunt for someone who has one or more witness votes cast on a witness account that is no longer in use. These accounts are easily recognized, because they show up strike-through and greyed out on the witness-votes page.

To be completely transparent, I suspect some of you to participate with multiple accounts. If this is true, you can either wait for me to find proof of it and take both accounts out of the hunt, or you can DM me ([email protected][witness]) on Discord and only one account will be removed.


Finish this task within 5 days.

What is in the chest?

  • 500 KrazyKoin token, worth 532 WLS (100 tokens are added with every new Task)
    For those who are wondering, these tokens come out of my own personal wallet.


All "entry"-comments will be rewarded, this doesn't mean you performed the task correctly.


If you feel I removed you from the hunt in error, drop me a line and I will recheck.

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Use your witness votes wisely

Jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your witness votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to the witness names of your choice (mine would be "ijmmaiwitness") and supply your private active key to lock in your vote. Refresh the page in case your vote doesn't seem to stick.


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