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[CLOSED] Treasure Hunt III - TASK #3 - Houston we have a PROBLEM!

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public6 months ago2 min read

Result task #2

Task #2 is always kind of tricky because the account keys of a member are involved. It didn't work for everyone but for now all those who tried can continue the hunt. I will tell you why, in a minute. Those who didn't try are out. We lost 2 hunters.

How does it work?

Check this post to read all information of the Treasure Hunt.

Who is Hunting

Only clickable names are still hunting.

NumberNameTask #1Task #2

Let me know in a comment if you think I removed you in error.

What is in the Treasure Chest

At this moment the Treasure Chest contains:

Task #3 Switching to Discord

There is a problem with the encrypted memo. First of all, the memo field seems to have been removed from the wallet. Second, when I decrypt memos the way I did with the former Treasure Hunt, it results in the same phrase, no matter what your actual text was. So, we are not able to use the wallet to file answers, that is why whomever tried to send the encrypted memo is still hunting.


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Use your witness votes wisely

Jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your witness votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to the witness names of your choice (mine would be "ijmmaiwitness") and supply your private active key to lock in your vote. Refresh the page in case your vote doesn't seem to stick.


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