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Complaints, mindsets, and other human quirks

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As much as we like to state the opposite, we don't like changes. Okay, we do like some changes, but only if they fit our mindset, fit in our perspective of how things should be. If not? We protest, we argue. How many old people have you heard use the phrase "in the old days everything was better"? It wasn't, but that is how we like to remember it.

Whaleshares is not an exception to that rule. When things change, some people will love it, some people will hate it. People will complain.


What is interesting to look at is, are these changes really so terrible or is it just that they don't fit in the way you see things. A better question will be, are you here on Whaleshares in the right mindset?

People have been on Steemit, before coming to Whaleshares. Some come from other Steemit look-a-like platforms. No one blames any of them for looking at Whaleshares in the mindset of the platform they already know. However, that doesn't mean Whaleshares is dropping the ball. Whaleshares was never meant to be a copy of any blockchain platform.


Yeah, I know, it started with the code base of Steemit. There was no use in reinventing that wheel. From that point forward, changes have been made. Whaleshares was meant to be a social sharing, friends network. And it is going to be exactly that. It just takes time to go through different stages.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

What was needed, and still is, to make this project succeed, are people who support the idea of a social sharing, friends network. Support, either by becoming a witness, to stabilize and secure the blockchain, or by using the platform as a member.

The platform started as a community platform, but was meant to be a community of communities platform from the start. The features and functions to make that happen had yet to be invented. The platform is in the process of transforming from caterpillar into a butterfly. Some changes that are made do not seem to make sense, because they facilitate a butterfly and we are just a caterpillar. These changes need to be made to be prepared for the next stage.

What would help to understand the changes better, is to focus on what the butterfly needs, instead of what the caterpillar needs. If you like the caterpillar stage way more than the butterfly one, then you are just on the wrong platform. You can complain about it, but nothing will change, as the task the dev team was given was to create an environment for the butterfly, and that is exactly what they are working on.

Posted as Public Post

I am posting this as a public post, contrary to others who posted their opinions in a pod post. Preaching to the choir generates biased replies and in my opinion has no value.


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