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ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public11 months ago2 min read

Some Witnesses Shutdown Their Server

In this post with statistics on the platform and community I already stated some witnesses have unplugged their server.

Why they did so, is not known to me. There could be several reasons. Setting up a server is doable, but making it worth your while means you have to get a better rank than the one you start with. This is not easily done. It takes time and effort. People have to trust you, have faith in you doing the right thing. The right thing for the blockchain and the platform.

Lost Votes

Votes cast for those unplugged servers are kind of lost. It would be best to remove them. This will give the active witnesses in the list a better rank.

Currently Unplugged

lucashunter2 weeks ago@customminer @darrenclaxton @stevenmosoes @dklef
@altruistic @podanrj @seyiodus @mfestra @zero
@udezee @lucashunter @fredkese @emekasegun
@sammiegold @kaliju @silvergoldcrypto @deewon56
@uwelang @miixa @inspiredgideon1 @mosun-omotunde
@cinelonga @tedtv @scottcbusiness @jjhemp
@raj808 @cheryl @viking-ventures @barineka
@imbigdee @galberto @kenistyles @machnbirdsparo
@abdulmath @jeline @vrbts @janine-ariane
@lorenzopistolesi @oaldamster @crisangel @jeffguitar
@thehoneys @jotmax @christianolu @captainphilips
@trailblazer @micky @lastopinion @blanchy
@fieryfootprints @botefarm @lilkeszi @anaman
@future24 @goldendawne @vee @factism
@phunke @royalties-boss @akintunde @keiko
@antoniomontilva @broncnutz @iconnelly @syukriandira
@isaac-richie @poetryinaction @planetmarketers @orracle
@superwhale @gbenga @herman @lamari
@morpheus @princess @honourmaus @edgarbautista23
@atenas-marti @peman85 @ironshield @chiplusworld
@tcpaikano @azirgraff @succour-givers @multifacet
@percyfalls @oyesiku @apiekarczyk @niwrah
@machroezar @donutsnmore @air-tiger
dcrazy4 weeks ago@adsactly @velimir @ksolymosi @djlethalskillz
@stevenmosoes @dklef @hemangmehta @johnskotts
@aquacy @miixa @wlsglass @maya525
@viking-ventures @hattaarshavin @dcrazy @gonzo
@nazaretprime @aldianrony1 @sporter @syukriandira
@sleekgene @akrid @tdas @aellisak
@el-nailul1 @akata
chronopolis3 weeks ago@haejin @chronocrypto @derangedvisions @gibber
@olawalium @chronopolis

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Use your witness votes wisely

Jump over to the Block Producer / Witness page and cast your witness votes. Simply click on the (^) up arrow next to the witness names of your choice (mine would be "ijmmaiwitness") and supply your private active key to lock in your vote.


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