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Big Wallets Should Share More So We Can All Grow - True or False?

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  • The more we share, the higher the payouts. The higher the payouts, the more we will have to reward others with.
  • People with large amounts of Whalestake should reward the people who have smaller amounts of Whalestake in their wallet.



It is easy to see that, in theory, this is all true. It is a simple circle. The more people reward a post, the higher the payout, the more value the author's reward will have on other posts.
But..., like someone once mentioned

In theory there is no difference between practice and theory. In practice there is.


The above is only true when people stack their Whalestake and actually use it to reward others. That unfortunately is not always what happens.

  • some people write a lot, but don't share (a lot)
  • some people write a lot, and only reward themselves (a lot)
  • some people leave their mana at 100% for too long
  • some people withdraw every penny that comes in


Should we not withdraw

Well, I can't be the judge of that. I was told some people don't eat if it wasn't for crypto. For those people, withdrawing the Whalestake they earn is a way of staying alive.

Your powerdown converts Whalestake into WLS on a weekly basis. If you powerdown more than you make in a week, your account will never grow, and you are unable to help others to grow either. Another thing might be, WLS will most likely be worth a lot more in the future than it is at present.

The more Whalestake you hold, the more Whalestake you receive for curating posts. It is worth holding on to your Whalestake, if you can.


My posts don't get high rewards

Some people feel they have no chance to grow any way, because their posts don't get much attention. Ask for help, there could be different reasons for people to not notice, or not reward your post.

  • you could be posting too often
  • you could be posting more or less the same stuff over and over
  • your text could be hard to read (Google translate?)
  • you left out the human part (just facts, no own experience/opinion)
  • you are crossposting to multiple platforms and it shows in your post (Hello Steemians)

But also, be realistic. We can all join a soccer club, we can not all be on the first team. That doesn't mean you can't play a great game and have fun. The same goes for writing posts. Some are better at it than others. With a little help, we can all improve. Reach out to people, for instance on the Official Whaleshares Discord Server. Ask if someone has time to take a look at your post. Don't drop links everywhere, just DM the link to the person who volunteers. Don't go asking for rewards, that will lead to nothing but a bad impression.

Often overlooked, is the power of meaningful comments. Leaving meaningful comments can help you grow in several ways:

  • people are likely going to visit your posts and may even reward some
  • people may like what you have posted so far and start following you
  • if it is a meaningful comment, people may reward that comment

The keyword here is MEANINGFUL. Just writing, "Good pics", "Nice post", and so on, are not meaningful comments. Show the author you really read the post, ask a question, share an experience.


Spending mana

Spending mana has almost become a dayjob. It sounds bad, but at times, I personally find it hard to spend mana. Part of that is due to limitations I have set on posts to reward. I love original content, but am not too fond of the v12 tag. Unfortunately many artists use the v12 tag.

Maybe they are using the tag just to make the reward-bot of that tag visit their post, unaware of what it stands for. Maybe they use that tag because they want to show they agree to what that community stands for. There is no way for me to know why people use it, so I skip them all. Many token issuers have stated to do the same. Using that tag makes it harder for many to reward posts.


In short:

To make everyone grow, everyone needs to make an effort. It is not just about big wallets that need to share, it is also about providing content that is worth sharing. Be active in posts and comments. Publishing a post and waiting for rewards won't get you very far.

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