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A GOOD POST - Just be you

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public4 months ago4 min read

Those who follow either this account, my personal account, or the whaleguardians account will probably roll their eyes. Again?!

Yes, sorry, but it seems people still have the wrong idea when I talk about improving posts on Whaleshares. People just can't let go of their Steemit mindset. I am never talking about "lengthy" posts, I am never talking about "quality" posts. All I am aiming at are GOOD posts.

A Good Post

A good post - doesn't refer to high class, world changing essays. Don't know why people think that.

A Good Post has:

  • Original content, that is either a picture, a drawing, a poem, a story, anything... you created yourself. Add a few sentences, if it is a picture, where it was taken, what made you want to share it.
  • Third party content. That is okay too, but there are some rules.
    First: provide a link to the WEBSITE you found the text or the image (Google search results is not a valid link). Someone else created the content you are about to use, give them some credit.
    Second: If you are using text from another website, quote it. This means for third party text you need to quote and link.
    Third: You can NOT just share third party content alone. It would mean you get rewarded for work someone else created. Always let your own content outweigh the amount of third party content.


When you see an image or a video you like online, provide a link to the website you found the image or video on, then write about what you liked about the video or the image so much you wanted to share it. Maybe it reminded you of something, or you are a fan of the subject of the image or video. Anything, as long as it is your own content.

You wrote a poem and want to add an image to it. Find a website like pixabay (there are many others) copy/paste the image, provide the link to the page that is dedicated to that image. Stay away from watermarked images, unless you are willing to pay for them.

You find a phrase, a quote of someone important or even an unknown person, and want to share it. Drop the text in a post, provide the link of the website you found the quote on, and add text (more words than the quote itself) to describe why you wanted to share this quote.

You read an interesting article online about whatever. Do not copy/paste the whole article, it is already online, people can read the original. Just provide a link to the article, write in your own words why you thought it to be such a great article, what you learned from it, what inspired you while reading it. You can quote small parts of the article, to support your own story. Make sure your own content outweighs the quoted parts.

An image/video you took yourself, add just at a few words so we know what we are looking at.

Artwork, always state who created it, if it wasn't you, provide a link to the artist. If it was you, describe if it is recent work, what material you used, and so on.

In Short

Whaleshares is about sharing YOURSELF, letting people get to know YOU. Any subject that interests you, can be the subject of your post. Share your thoughts, share your passion.

People want to reward you for your own work, not something created by someone else, you just copy pasted to create a post. Be you, that is all that matters.

If you read the above carefully, you will have noticed it doesn't mention "quality" or "lengthy" as a requirement anywhere.

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