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More Whaleshares Statistics and Fun Facts

ijmmaiwitnessPosted to Public11 months ago3 min read

Some use(ful/less) numbers on blockchain use
and platform environment


We are still growing, but you can see there have been less new accounts created this last week. Not sure whether there is a queue of accounts waiting for approval or less account requests. It is a tough job for the top20 witnesses to research every request and find the good or bad in people's behavior.

The good thing is, for the second week in a row the number of unused accounts is decreasing. You could say members become more active.

More good news, the number of accounts is 3,992 at the moment of posting. We will hit 4K today.


A question for you. Do these stats become more interesting by supplying the names of the accounts these numbers belong to? Let me know in a comment.

I can reveal, the one with the highest number of posts, is my main account. Not because I publish a lot of posts, but because I comment a lot on my contest pages.


"Most vesting shares" uses left Y-axis, "Highest Possible Reward" uses right Y-axis

This is not the graph most will appreciate, but it shows there is more activity on the platform. That is a good thing. It results in sharing the rewardpool with more us, which leads to decreasing reward values. Every day I have people DM-ing me on Discord, asking when it will come to a standstill. I don't know, we will just have to wait and see.


Witnesses need your vote to get a higher ranking on the list. The more whalestake you hold the more value your vote brings to the table. Still, even if you have just entered the platform, take some time to find out who the witnesses are and what they stand for. Every vote counts. At this moment #1 in the ranking list (PowerPics) has more voting weight, but #2 (KrazyKrista) as more votes.

Only 6% of the available votes have been cast, I think we can do better than that.




These numbers still look good. The average number of followers per account slowly increases. The account with the highest number of followers has been KrazyKirsta, from the moment I started creating these stats.

Follow the people whose post content you find interesting.


The long links for images are related to people using the complete url Google supplies when you search for something. The number of people who have a display name different from their account name increases. Could be due to the desired name not being available, or not possible.

Number of Accounts per Whalestake Range

More detailed information on number of accounts per range and amount of whalestake per range will be covered in a separate post.

We are growing

These stats change the moment someone interacts with the blockchain, it is just a snapshot.

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