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Well, the season is just about over

hhroadsecurePosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 months ago3 min read

I have about a week of night work coming up to shut down a bridge for repairs but other than the odd accident or spun out truck we shouldn't have much flagging to do. Luckily. Standing out there for 12 hours a day all winter doesn't appeal to me but I would do it if I had to. I bought a really nice heated flagger coat and I have all the rest of the necessary winter gear so I won't die or anything, it would just be uncomfortable.


Got to work a wildfire evacuation

I'm not too sure what's going to happen next year as a lot of the contracting companies that hired us are packing up and moving back to where they came from. We will still have the highways work, I think, but that's not usually very much. We will see what happens.

All in all it wasn't bad after the cheques started coming in but it was pretty sketchy at the start. In the end I was able to make enough to live on and build up a bit of equity in assets, as well as put a couple of years payments into the building. My goal is to have it fully paid off within the next two years and have a bottle depot there for @hhrecycling.


Got to learn how to use the automated flagging system

As it sits, I only owe $12000 from the loan to start the business and I am going to just keep paying it on schedule until the building is paid off. After that I can start paying it off faster but there is less than two years on it so unless I hit it big, it will just sort of die of like a regular loan.

With everything going as it is, I should be totally debt free in five years. If I can sell the flagging company as a working company, that will drop it to three years. Hey a guy can dream, can't he?

Got to work a couple of weeks at night with my new lights and BBQ

So to sum it all up so far, it is a decent business but not a full time job. Finding reliable staff is insane here and once I get the recycling business going I hope that I will be able to keep myself and a few others busy year round. Not too busy in the winter though because we bought an ancient motor home and we want to try out the nomad life a bit.

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