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Man, what an emotional roller coaster

hhroadsecurePosted for Everyone to comment on, 9 months ago2 min read

So in my last post I told about how things were picking up and then I got a call from an employee at a company we were doing traffic control for, saying that someone from a rival company (over an hour away) was making trouble for us and saying we were unsafe. This prompted the manager of the company we were working for to declare that they were not to use us for traffic control anymore and to use the other company.

Obviously this hurt and I immediately went into panic mode, trying to figure out what had happened. I know my supervisor is safety focused and she had already told me the problem and her story was corroborated by the foreman, who took full blame.

After my panic mode worked its way through, I fully resigned myself to selling off the company assets and going back to working for wages somewhere and the dread and weight was lifted off of my chest. I was almost looking forward to not being totally stressed out over all of the business part. Then I got a phone call the next day from a company that was in town paving and asked if we could send three flaggers and a truck up to their job for a couple of days. We jumped on that and then I went back to security until tonight. The crazy thing was that last night I got a call from a foreman at the company that wasn't allowed to use us, asking if we could send a crew out because the boss had looked into it and allowed the crews to use us again.

Even though I was ready to throw in the towel after a year of trying to make this work, it was a really nice feeling to see that my advice of keeping our noses clean and just keep working as safely and efficiently as we can, worked out in the end. Obviously my first thought was to drive in and lose it on the guy for punishing us without looking into the situation but in the end, he came to the conclusion that was right and I didn't have to stir the pot, rock the boat, or any other euphemism you might use for raging out uncontrollably on someone.

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