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hhrecyclingPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year4 min read

Wire that is.

I have a little over $400 in my scrap account that I have left over after buying tools and all that. On Wednesday we go to the bank to sign the paperwork and I will put that in there to open the account and to pay for the shares in the company.

Once I register for the GST, I can set up my account at the scrapyard and the refrigerant wholesaler. I need the scrapyard income to buy the necessary equipment which, so far is going to be:

Screenshot 2022-11-18 11.41.07 AM.png

Look at those savings!

I also need to get an accurate scale because you can't overfill your tank so you need to keep track of how much is going into it. If you are draining large AC units, there could be a pretty good amount in there and you need to be able to take it all because you can't just stop in mid stream.

Screenshot 2022-11-18 11.59.10 AM.png
That brings us to the hoses and manifold. I was thinking of buying a smaller pump for cheap because it came with the hoses and manifold but the reviews all said that it left gas/liquid in the system because of a low pressure sensor. One person figured out how to bypass the sensor but I think I would rather have a properly working system for a few hundred extra dollars.
Screenshot 2022-11-18 12.01.19 PM.png
As well as a little over $500 for the tank to store the refrigerant in, plus any fittings needed. I will also need a generator to power the system remotely but I already have one that I will use until the company can afford its own.

All of the tools I own will be used by the company as well and I will figure out what to do with it all later. I think I can sell the ones that I only use for scrapping to the company because I really don't need them personally but on the other hand, when I get to the part of the company roadmap where we are buying scrap from the public, I might want to sell scrap personally to earn a bit of cash. In that case, the wire stripper (circling back to the title) and tools will come in handy again. After all, they have been instrumental in starting the company off by producing stuff like this.


So I can go to the scrapyard and earn enough that I am not out of pocket for everything. Sure it took a lot of hard work but it was enjoyable work and on my free time so it wasn't like I was taking time off work to do it.

All in all, with the certification it will be probably be close to $2000 to get started and I have no idea what it will pay yet so this is going to help out with that. Once I get everything to do the work, I will sit down with the money guy at the district and find out what the other company charges. Then I can see how profitable it will be or if I should just do it for my own interest, like when there is an air conditioner I want to scrap and don't want to vent a bunch of refrigerant to the atmosphere, because we all know that is bad.

P.S. On a more personal note, I broke down and bought the bottom part of a really nice tool chest. It was on sale for $600 from $1300 so I decided to jump and get my tools organized. There is a middle and a top part but I will just have to wait until they go on sale and pick them up.

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