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I hate being new

hhrecyclingPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 months ago3 min read

I mean, it's exciting and fun...

...to be learning new things but I hate not knowing things and having to rely on others to get by.

Yesterday was just one instance that really got me frustrated.

I called the closest supply branch in our province to find out about picking up a tank and the recovery machine, along with any other tools I would need. After finding out that they did have some tanks I asked about machines. He said, "Yes, we have machines. Which one do you need?"

I told him I was new and didn't know which one I needed and explained that I would only be recovering from appliances and could he tell me what a good one would be for that as I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on Amazon to find out something doesn't work. He then told me he had no idea and I should go on the manufacturers websites to see what was good.

I was a little taken aback so I re-explained and asked him what other customers buy for this type of thing. I got an even worse response back.

"Buddy, I'm not an HVAC guy. If I was, I wouldn't be on this side of the counter. Just go on the manufacturers website and look things up. I think Yellowjackets are probably good. Oh and the G5 Twin might be good. Some guys buy them."
Screenshot 2022-12-21 11.06.06 AM.png

I said pardon?

I don't know what salespeople are like in your neck of the woods but I expect a little more help when I'm trying to buy something. Even if you just tell me that you don't know but you'll ask such and such and get back to me. Anything is better than nothing.

So I called the branch in Alberta today to see if they are able to sell me things with my BC certification and he says he would be glad to. Even told me all of the things he would have to bring in from the Edmonton office so I know to call ahead and give them time to get it sent over.

Just spending ten minutes with me on the phone and answering a few questions went a long way and now they will get all of my business. Sure, it isn't going to make or break them but if I end up getting busy it will probably get them and extra ten thousand a year in profit. I decided to buy the Appion G5 from them, even though it's $300 more than the same one on Amazon. I will then be able to get any fittings while I'm there without having to guess at what I need and then I will also be able to drop it off when I need warranty work done. Having to ship it somewhere will probably take more time and cost a lot more.

Probably. Like I said, I am new to all of this.

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