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The Average Joe - Mediocrity

hashcashlast month2 min read

What can a man do but write his heart out......

Skills, talent and imagination
They all hold me in fascination
For I have none of the above
But on them I want to ride the life’s curve

Mine was just a brave fool’s wish
That I didn’t want to squish
So, I played along with my own farce
More I tried, the more they became scarce

It didn’t take me long to understand
That I had overplayed my hand
We might be created equal in the whole
But this world isn’t the same for each soul

Maybe I’ll try to keep it quiet
Read well and improve my minds diet
Talk less and listen more they said
But all they wanted was for me to play dead

You think that this is fun for me to say
Just to speak I had a whole tribe to betray
Some were blessed with a prophecy
While I was just cursed with mediocrity

So, I carry this curse as my pride
I see no reason for it to hide
Soon this curse will be a badge of honor
While I dump those decrees at the next corner
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