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The First Experience Delivered Food Through Cemetery Area

happyphoenixPosted for Everyone to comment on, 8 months ago2 min read


A few months ago, when I have just joined Gojek as a food delivery man driver or motorbike taxi driver. I got an order to deliver food to the rural region at Sidoarjo town, actually, the range to customer home is quite far away.

So, fortunately, the map on Gojek application gave me a shortcut way to the destination. I followed the instructions and directions on the map and drove to the customer's home carefully because at that time my watch showed 8.30 PM, also the condition at east ring road Sidoarjo is quite dark.

I was really pleased when I know there is a shortcut to that destination, so I continued following the map direction. And suddenly the map gave me a direction to turn through a dark small road. Without doubt a followed the map instruction, and that was a small dark paved road, I barely could not see my right and left side, only seeing a straight view as my motor light direction.

Only took a minute down that small dark road, and then I saw the crowded area and the customer's house is not far away from my position. I delivered at the right time and the customer is very happy to receive her food.

After that, I tried to go back through that small paved road again, and then there is a gate that showed a sign that is a cemetery area for that district. That was my first time delivered through a cemetery area. Then yesterday I delivered food to Gojek customer and went through that again in the afternoon, so I decided to take a picture that area for remind me always careful when delivering food and also to respect those who passed away and remember to do many good things before we go to heaven to meet God and our ancestors. (hpx)

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