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Atlantic to Pacific US Road Trip 3 - Airbnb and the Drive through Kentucky and Illinois

hansenator4 months ago3 min read


So this was the first airbnb I've ever taken. It was about $50, but was really amazing. I'm sure not all of them are this great. There was no actual contact with the owner of the house. You walked in through a code-guarded door, walked through a hallway out to the back yard, and down some stairs to the basement from there. The name of the owner was Lorie, she was a musician (of course, in Nashville right). Country Music I believe.


See their website here:

Kentucky & Illinois Hyperlapse

The drive was aweful snowy today. When we woke up I walked outside to the 34 degrees Fahrenheit (0-1 degrees C). There were just tiny flakes, still fairly south in Nashville, TN. We started seeing layers of snow and icicles once a little further north, around 3 PM. It got nearly completely dark at 5 PM. Now I'm sitting in a starbucks talking to you. Haha.



The things I do to get good footage for steemit. Haha. Lots of pretty scenery if you watch the video. The rock walls are my favorite and it is always nice to see snow. I am in Kansas right now where there is no snow, but Denver will be in like 3 hours. See you then!




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