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DSW: The Truth ain't bitter, My Poem

gracehillsPosted to Public9 months ago2 min read

Image from flickr, labeled for reuse

They say the truth is bitter
But actually, the truth isn't
This truth is not just a state or statement of reality
It's a person

He doesn't dwell or rejoice in sin
It's that which is built in love
And shown in actions
The foundation of our belief and faith

By the forces of truth
We're freed from bandage and captivity
And brought into the realms of light
Yes, as children of truth

This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth
That we know Him who created us
Love Him and follow His ways
Bringing people into His kingdom

The truth is the Word
The Second person in the triune God
For through Him came grace and truth
Yes, the truth is a being

We were born into this truth
That we might be a kind of firstfruits of all He created
Seeing His glory
And worshipping Him in Spirit and in truth

Yes, when we know this truth
We are set free
A freedom that lasts through eternity
That which is everlasting

Sanctified by this truth
We enjoy His salvation as His children
For Jesus is the way
He's the truth and life

Image from flickr, public licence

Owh yes, the above is a poem I wrote about Truth.


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