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Origami Leaf Pictorial Tutorial

grace3 months ago


This is an easy four step model to make origami leaves for Christmas cards. I will also be posting a tutorial video of this process in the near future.


This image includes the half steps to make it easier to follow.

For Christmas cards use paper that is 5cm x 5cm or 2 inch x 2 inch.

  1. Colour side face down fold in half and unfold.
  2. On one side only fold the corners to the center.
  3. Bring the centre line of the unfolded side up to meet the coloured edge on both sides.

Alternatively bend the folded corners behind and fold the corners to the center.


This also makes a good stopping point if needed as this makes a clapping finger puppet


If the kids are good to continue bring the folded corners back around and the model will pop into shape.


Turn the model over and bring the diagonal edge to meet the diagonal line on both sides.

Turn the model over and fold in the corners and the little triangle sticking up in the middle.

The model is now finished.

Happy folding.


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