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Flaminghelpers Witness Announcement Post

god7 months ago2 min read


It is a great pleasure to announce to you that @flaminghelpers community started running as a Whaleshares witness. We are excited to exist as a Whaleshares.io Witness and special thanks go to the man who is so passionate about the things of God. We appreciate everything you have done and still doing. God bless you richly.


Our Mission Statement as a Whaleshares Witness

Our mission is to become an active witness on the network while supporting the platform with bring in more people, building applications, and Supporting the Christian Community. As a team we have been Bitshares chain for a while and Steemit communities, together let's build an unbeatable community.

Find us on Bitshares with @flaming-group.

We are a strong believers of the gospel of peace and extension of love all around the world. The whole essence of Christianity is to love your neighbors as yourself, have faith in God and fear God. So our goal is to ensure love is shared all around the world true rewarding of good posts and supporting the needy.

What is Christianity without the love of God shared abroad, within and everywhere you go. Help us to reach many by voting us as your witness as we embark on this journey on love sharing all around the world.

Jesus said, a new commandment I give unto you, love your neighbors as yourself because He knows if you love your neighbor as yourself, you won't lie, kill, backbite etc that your neighbor.

Off course I won't fail to mention that our team has some very good experience in digital marketing, cryptocurrency promotion, crypto currency mining, investing, and witness/block producer operations.

As a community we always ready to give you a listening ear any time. All you have to do is to reach out to us. We already have two shows running on Whaleshares discord server and Flaming Helpers Discord Server for you to get your post rewarded and also baged some whaletoken for yourself.

You can reach us both on Whatsapp and discord server.

Thank you for reading. Please vote @god as your witness for FlamingHelpers. God bless you. Just simply click the link below and click vote.


See you around.

Flaming Helpers.....

Sharing love everywhere...


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