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Gnay Boy #introduceyourself

gnayboyPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read


Hi everyone! Gnay Boy is a small character inspired by a child who has disorders language and reduced mobility. I interpret his needs and express through him my ideals.

We are opposed to all forms of war, violence, sexism, racism and selfishness. We want to be legal as much him as me.

He can communicate with pictograms and images. I therefore use these means of communication to express myself by creating multiple drawings and stencils over time.

Gnay Boy was born on the walls of Lausanne in the early 2000s. I now want to bring him to life digitally, while continuing to draw him on paper

Blockchain technology is exciting and gives incredible freedom of expression without censorship. NFTs offer an unprecedented possibility for artists to protect their digital works and better monetize them with the sale of authenticated and certified copies.

I will publish my NFTs on the Solana, Polygon and Atom/Stargaze blockchain via Opensea and Rarible and also check out other services offered on those amazing blockchain. I will be using Whaleshares as my main blog. And finally, maybe I'll cross post on another blockchain for backup.


Rarible: rarible.com/gnayboy
Telegram channel: t.me/gnayboy

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