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The Largest Island in the Atlantic

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A lot of people have heard about Greenland, but there were relatively few. It is logical to believe that there is Greenland that most people do not know. It could be fun to have a better idea of Greenland.

Greenland is the largest island in the Atlantic. Covers an area of 453 901 square kilometers. Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium would settle on Greenland, with plenty of space.

About 85% of Greenland is permanently covered with ice. Ice in Greenland has a volume of 647 764 Kubikmeilen. Even if it is a large amount of ice, it is not even nearly as much as in Antarctica.

Before the small glaciation, there was much less ice in Greenland than today and the annual temperatures were warmer and smoother.

In Greenland, there are currently about 55 000 people, including 16 500, living in the capital; Nuuk. There are no roads connecting populated centers, so people who go from one to another, fly, walk, kick or in some cases have to take a dog.

In the capital, few people have cars, but almost everyone owns a boat.

The official language is Kalaallisut or Greenland, which is very similar to the Inuit language in Alaska and Canada. There are 16 major cities in Greenland and a number of colonies. Before the Little Ice age, there were more than 60 colonies, but most were abandoned when temperatures fell centuries ago.

In fact, the Viking descriptions of Greenland describe a warm and fertile land. Originally, it was thought that it's just "advertising " For people who settle on Earth. But we now know that when the Vikings originally arrived in Greenland, there was very little ice and the land was actually warm and fertile. That's another 15%.

The first people to settle Greenland came from Canada almost 5 000 years ago. Instead, the Norwegians arrived in Greenland about 1 000 years ago.

Primary foods consumed by Greenlanders include seabirds, seals, whales, fish and reindeer the Suaasat National Court is a stew containing one or more of these meats and spicy with salt, pepper, and Laurel leave is.

As an interesting treatment, the words "kayak" is Igloo ' are both from the origin of Greenland.

Greenland has governed itself. But there is also a Danish territory. The currency used is the Danish krone. The most important industry, which represents almost all of Greenland's exports, is fish. Gems like rubies, however, are abundant in Greenland, and there is a potential for the production of gemstones to become the largest industry.

People often talk about Greenland in terms of the ice cap and the debate about global warming. However, in Greenland, there is much more than the ice layer and the glaciers. Geologically speaking, it was not too long ago, as it was not near the ice shields in this place, so that people who focus only on EIS when they think of Greenland, lose most of the information. Fascinating in this interesting place.

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