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COVID-19 Vaccine

gduran1Posted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago3 min read

We now know that Britain will start vaccinating its population at the end of this year or beginning the next one, better said in a few weeks time. This vaccine has been fast tracked in a lot of countries I know China, Russia, USA, Britain the EU probably Japan have one ready or nearly ready by now. This was a lot of work and a lot of money to get it done so fast.

Is it going to be effective? That is a great question, Covid-19 is much of a mystery still, I know there are people who insist it isn't more than a variant of the flu and some say its death rates are even lower than the flu's. I do think it is out there killing people in one way or another as I know people who have died of it and many who have had it, and our rates are not high, we are after all a tropical country and regardless of what people say I do believe heat stops the virus from spreading as fast as in other cold climate countries. My country is the proof, we have one of the worst health care systems in the world, if the virus spread as a fast here as in Europe we would all have had it by now, and our death toll would be mind boggling.

Speaking of which, I do believe I already had Covid-19. I was in bad shape for six days on the last two I lost my sense of smell and taste. This is no proof, but at the same time the other three people who live in my house, my son my daughter and a nephew all young people also had the same symptoms but for them it only lasted for three days. If it was Covid-19 it just shows younger people are more resistant to its ill effects, I think this is logical.

Now I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories about this, but I will tell you something sometimes conspiracists actually lose it. I read a few online right wing US sites and when the drug companies based in the US announced they had one nearly ready they all jumped and said it was all due to Donald Trump's Warp Speed Covid-19 fast track program, and said they hoped the left would not try to take credit for something that was Donald Trump's. But today that Britain said they were vaccinating people soon, these same guys say that Covid-19 is a conspiracy to control people and they are not taking it. See the contradiction? They have to make up their minds.

That being said I am not sure if I will be getting this vaccine, you know where I worked every year they had flu vaccines for everyone, I never took it, the people who did invariably suffered a cold for a few days after the vaccine, but they did not catch the flu that year. So maybe a vaccine does help, but I wonder if it could have ill effects on the elderly. So, are you going to get the vaccine?

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