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Most of us may often look at what others have and what we do not have.

Many children may come from different family background and they would often compare themselves with others especially in school.

In the videoclip below, a widowed father tried his best to raise his only son.

It was hardship when he was not earning much but he tried his best to provide what he could.

Video Source

His son hated the daily meal of salted eggs, vegetables and rice.

His father saved what he could to provide a better meal during the eve of Chinese New Year.

During the eve of Chinese New Year, his son came home late and he was too drunk to notice the food that his father had prepared.

His poor father had waited excitedly for him for the whole night to have a meal with him.

He must have broken his heart for being so unappreciative.

In the morning, his son realised what he did when he was drunk.

He regretted and changed his ways.

We need to nurture our children to appreciate what they have rather than to compare themselves with others.

We must also reflect the sacrifices that our own parents had made when we were young.

We can probably understand our parents better after we face life difficulties ourselves in our adulthood.

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