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The Secret Sacrifice Of Parents

fun2learnPosted to Publiclast month2 min read

Parents often do things for their children without letting them know.

Many parents who may be going through finance stress and had to work overtime to cover the high cost of living but they do not let their children know.

Parents would keep giving unconditionally.

The videoclip below is about a teenage girl who did not understand the sacrifice her mum had to make to get a new phone for her.

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The teenage girl was self-centred without giving a thought for her parents even for the Christmas dinner and she wanted to go out with her friends.

After she lost her phone, her mum still got her a new one as a gift.

When she overheard about her mum had to work overtime to get her the new mobile phone, her heart melted with regrets.

I guess sometimes it is good to let our children know how much we have done for them to get them to understand our difficulties as parents.

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