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Whaleshares - Well, This Is All A Bit Shit Isn't It?

freedomexistsPosted for Everyone to comment on, 4 years ago9 min read


EDIT: I swear I set this post to 100% Whalestake, gave it an upshare from me and will find as many fucking tokens as I possibly can to use on it.

Gah! I mean GAH! What a shitshow this has turned into. It's so shit that it almost redefines the word shit. But what or who is to blame for all the shit?

I have powered down a mere 5 weeks in the whole time I have been on Whaleshares. So 5 powerdown payouts in 9 months. I wish I had powered down and cashed out sooner given the current state of Whaleshares. I should have done it like everyone else. However, I thought it wise to wait and build a stake in the platform. Foolish I know. My patience has not paid off. I have sat here and watched the price of WLS sink to 0.5bts in January then bounce back to 1.5bts only for the past 6 weeks to watch in utter dejection as the price plummets back to 0.5bts, and now sinks to an all time low of 0.22bts. What a fuck up. But @officialfuzzy is happy with the way things are proceeding he tells me. Yes it couldn't be going better.

Is the problem really all about people selling their WLS too low? Is it those pesky Steemit whales who are operating stealthily on the platform, with multiple accounts both on the DEX and on Whaleshares, who deliberately manipulate the market to keep the price of WLS low so they can later capitalise on their tactics? After 9 months since launch and only 5000 members are we just too small a community? Or has something not been properly factored in to the Whaleshares model from the start? Or perhaps there is a lack of innovation within the WLS economy? It might even be a combination of all these things. One thing is for sure, we can no longer blame the general conditions in the cryptosphere which has been making somewhat of a decent recovery of late.

Anyway I'm becoming more indifferent to this whole experience to tell you the truth. If only I had powered down sooner and taken as much as I could out of the platform like most others in the community and some of the core team have done. Perhaps I shall follow in the footsteps of a certain member of 'the team' and crash the market with a huge sell order of 20,000 WLS. Or perhaps I should have powered down and sold my liquid WLS behind closed doors to people for cheaper than the market price, damn I would have made more. I'm such a fool.

If only I had been a member of the core team, or dev team or launch team or whatever the fuck it's called I could have benefited from huge WLS bonuses to dominate the witness rankings and help offset the inflation that we are all battling on the platform. I mean it's not enough to watch the price of WLS move into near worthless territory, we also have to watch the value of our upshare plunging lower each day. I guess it's good for morale though. It keeps us all incentivised, doesn't it?

Then to see all the platform politics play out and all of the different factions emerge, and watch all those people chase the finances irrespective of how they obtain those finances. Makes no difference. People follow the money. They have no loyalty. And very few scruples on the internet it seems. They are also very easily influenced by all of the propaganda circulated by people with very damaging agendas. Makes no difference what the truth actually is they will buy it no matter what.

My one genuine bit of income from this whole experience has been generated from my own token Whalecoin, which I powered through my own hard work and investment. Despite giving away the majority of my Whalecoin to good causes and initiatives each week I usually manage to make around 1200 bts per week from it. That's since February when I reopened the Whalecoin market. However, I have also been powering up 1000 WLS from the sales of Whalecoin once every two weeks to further power the token and help offset inflation.

Last week I actually went again to the market where I bought and powered up 17,000 WLS. I know, what the fuck was I thinking? But it was amazing to see the price of WLS in the green at a price increase of 53% for a short period. While I'm on it can I please ask when was the last time any member of the Dev Team or Admin paid a visit to the DEX and bought some WLS with their own BTS and powered it up into their accounts? Anyway from the dribble of revenue I manage to generate with Whalecoin I am now asked by @scipio to consider accepting WLS for payment of Whalecoin and then powering that up. It's an interesting proposition but I won't be doing it. For the 0.1% boost to the WLS economy it would provide the question here has to be why the fuck would I do it when I am surrounded by people who do not have the best interests of Whaleshares at heart? They are here to take and keep taking. In keeping with this spirit what I really should do is make Whalecoin a buy only token. At that point I could consider accepting WLS as payment for Whalecoin. That would also be far better for the WLS economy and I would make a bit more money.

I recently put out a new appeal for members of the community to submit Whalecoin sponsorship requests. I will no longer be giving any new sponsorships until the price of WLS significantly improves.

In relation to @scipio I am told he is a bad person who does bad things to harm the platform, that might be true. I know he is involved in various WLS trading circles. But I'm still unsure about that guy. However, the point is that I see many other people doing bad or even worse things and nothing is said or done. Everyone is engaged in shit, in their own unique way. There is lots of shit, endless shit on this platform. There are of course some very few exceptions, but sadly their efforts won't push the price of WLS in the right direction.

Without a doubt one of the key issues facing the platform is innovation. I actually agree with @scipio on this one. It seems that people who have attempted to set up initiatives on the platform that help boost the WLS economy are not encouraged or helped, quite the contrary in fact. This makes no sense whatsoever. I will gladly refer to the @neoxian case. You may or may not agree with his banking services, even I was initially resistant, but they have helped many people. However, more importantly his bank helps stimulate the WLS economy. It's so fucking boring around here with little to no activity that generates true worth, just endless curation projects, then along comes someone with a different and solid proven initiative and he is castigated and banned from the Whaleshares Discord. Seriously? Well I suppose at least we can buy honey. Yes that's right if you live in the USA you can buy some honey with your WLS. Until @bushkill is shifting thousands of units paid for with WLS it will do little to nothing for the WLS economy and the price of WLS. I had hoped that business ideas would be fostered on here not suppressed and discouraged. What the fuck is going on? Despite my efforts to get @neoxian reinstated in the Whaleshares Discord regrettably Admin wouldn't change their mind. I say to you @neoxian carry on doing what you do. Don't worry about 'them'.

PixEOS oh PixEOS you little fucking tease where are you? Suddenly it's all now about EOS and cross chain synergies and Sharebitsy titsies @officialfuzzy and @powerpics tells me. Then the 'core team' become BeyondBitcoin or should that really be BeyondWhaleshares? Hey guys what about focusing on a platform called Whaleshares! Why is it now suddenly that the EOS environment is the way forward for Whaleshares? I actually accepted this for a while. Was this what the 'something amazing is coming to Whaleshares' posts were about? Is that all it was? I, like many others, had hoped for more. It's hardly had a positive impact on the price of WLS has it? It might do good things for EOS though.

We're told Whaleshares v2.5 is just about to be released and introduces a new registration system to set us up for mass adoption. Now I would like to believe this but unless there is something akin to a miracle in this version then the Whaleshares misery will continue.

A couple of weeks ago I asked you @officialfuzzy to join me in a one off Discord show to provide some kind of update to the community on the current state of Whaleshares, like you would some times do on my old Whaleshares Blue Report Show before the launch of Whaleshares. You said many things to me in our conversation but avoided responding to my invite. I ask you again here. Please step forward and take some responsibility for a community you created. I will not be joining you on this occasion.

Given the way I feel I have no intention of remaining as a moderator in the Official Whaleshares Discord server and I have now left the server altogether.

Anyway I am now powering down 8,695 WLS per week. I intend to sell as low as possible. And buy a pizza. And play some @dice. Congratulations @jglake for giving WLS some utility, for a 16 year old you've done great.

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