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Roll Up! Roll Up! It's the Whalecoin Christmas Raffle - Thousands of Whalecoins to Win!

freedomexists3 months ago2 min read

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Isn't it? Well I think so and I thought I would make it more Christmassy with a Whaleshares raffle, which will be drawn live on the Whaleshares Christmas Show. Woop! Woop!

Santa is being very generous this year and has asked me for loads of Whalecoins to give out as prizes. You can not refuse a request from Santa so here are the prizes you can win when you buy a raffle ticket.

1 x 500 Whalecoins

3 x 250 Whalecoins

5 x 100 Whalecoins

10 x 50 Whalecoins

The raffle is now open and if you want to get yourself a ticket they cost 3 bts each. There is a maximum of 10 tickets per person. To enter this raffle you will need to be a member of Discord. You will need to send your bts to my usual bts address mr-freedom. Make sure you include in your memo the words Whalecoin Raffle along with your Discord name. I will know how many tickets you want by how much bts you send.

It is very important you put your Discord name in the memo so I can find you on Discord and allocate you your unique raffle ticket number/s once the raffle has closed for ticket selling. I will do this via DM.

It's great to do fun stuff like this and it will make the Whaleshares Christmas Show even more exciting!

Is it too soon to say this? I don't care......Happy Christmas!


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