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The Flaminghelpers Christian Curation Show

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@flaminghelpers is a blockchain-based non-profit Christian community, founded with the aim of building a united community that rallies round her people to empower, support, build, and sustain the Christian community while supporting one another. We are committed to building good morals among people, motivating those who need some encouragement, and preaching Christ to the world, as the Lord has commanded. To this end, we run a Christian Curation Show every Tuesday.

Time: 8pm (GMT+1)
Location: #Flaminghelpers Channel on Whaleshares Official Discord Server & Live Events Voice Channel
Show Hosts: @seyiodus & @stevenmosoes
Show Description: Authors of value-adding Christian articles present a summary of their posts on voice and get curated for their efforts. On this show, several issues pertaining to Christian faith are discussed for the purpose of growth for everyone, as there is freedom to ask questions and contribute to any post presented.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. - II Timothy 3:16-17

Here is The Report of the Last Christian Curation Show Held on the 19th February 2019

We had a total of Seven (7) Posts presented in this order:

TOUCH by @itk4luv

If Adam and Eve had not eaten the apple, life would have gone in another shape and another direction. This is to say the absence of that "touch" would have actually led us into another life and existence that we are not in now...read more


I have become a living testimony since I started believing that the God I serve is a living God. Many times when I look at where I was coming from, tears come down from my eye...read more

Bible Sensitive words that can inspire you.... MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGES... Volume 5 by @emekasegun

This is a series of the writer's collection of motivating and inspirational Biblical messages to inspire you....read more

Responding To God's Call by @promzyelisha

God calls us in different ways, as a Christian you must be sensitive enough to identify this call and to do justice to it by responding. when he calls us to do a particular task, he knows we can handle it...read more

Becoming Outstanding In The Lord's Service : Inspired By Pst Itoro Isong by @kingsleymond

One of the ways anyone can gain recognition in his or her endeavours is to be OUTSTANDING with profane success. No one wants to be associated with failures, just as it is commonly said, "Success attracts or has a lot of friends while failure as no friend"...read more

DSW: The Truth ain't bitter, My Poem by @gracehills

They say the truth is bitter
But actually, the truth isn't
This truth is not just a state or statement of reality
It's a person...read more

Lyrics Challenge - What A Friend We Have in Jesus by @tolustx

friend in jesus.PNG

Why then do we suffer unnecessarily
Why do we put all the worries upon our own selves
Why does the devil deceive God's children into bondage
For how long will we weep and hurt without succor...read more

There is a unique message for you in each of these posts. Do well therefore to read them and make up your mind to attend the next curation show same time today, Tuesday 26th February. All you need is to write a Christian post, ensure that images and quotes are well referenced. Attend the show and present to us. We will love have you around. God bless you...

Kindly vote @god, @altruistic, @bushkill-witness, @dread-witness and @beyondbitcoincas as your witness so that we can serve you better in continuity.


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