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Tutorial on how to Power-up and Delegate LARYNX Miner Tokens to Earn SPK Governance Tokens

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In this post, I'm here to show you all for those that are not aware or don't know how to earn SPK token by powering up and delegating LARYNX Miner Tokens.

For the past 10 months now, we all have been claiming LARYNX monthly and it just remain 2 months to claim. LARYNX is a Miner Token that can be used to mine SPK, the governance token of the spknetwork.

The SPK token has gone live since August 2022 but unfortunately many people that have LARYNX Token have not been earning SPK including myself. One have to power up these LARYNX Token to LARYNX Power to earn SPK.

I just power up mine and I'm here to inform others that that are yes to take the advantage to do so by showing step-by-step procedures of how to do so.

Below is the step-by-step guide to how to Power up and delegate your LARYNX Token;

LARYX power up 1.png

  • Go to your wallet by clicking wallet in between blog and inventory

LARYX power up 2.png

  • Click on SPK in between DLUX and HIVE

LARYX power up 3.png

  • Scroll down till you get to LARYNX Token. That is where you will see the total number of LARYNX Token you have. In my case, my total LARYNX is 2,562.448 LARYNX

LARYX power up 4.png

  • Click on the drop down arrow beside send to drop down option to power up

LARYX power up 5.png

  • Click on Power Up

LARYX power up 6.png

  • In the dialog box that pops up, type in the number of LARYNX you intend to power up. In my case, I typed in 2,562. Then click continue.

LARYX power up 7.png

  • Confirm the operation

LARYX power up 9.png

  • Once the operation has been confirmed, you will see the exact number of token you powered up deducted from your LARYNX Token and added to your LARYNX Power. Now to delegate to a node operator, you will have to click on delegate

LARYX power up 10.png

  • Select a node operator you intend to delegate to and the amount you intend to delegate. You can find the list of node operators here

LARYX power up 11.png

  • In my case I delegated to @good-karma.spk and delegated 2,562 LARYNX. Click confirm

LARYX power up 12.png

  • Confirm the operation

LARYX power up 13.png

  • Once the operation is confirmed, you see the LARYNX delegated deducted from LP (LARYNX Power) and moved to DLP (Delegated LARYNX Power)

Once you are done with these procedures, you can now earn SPK token.

Note that if you only power up without delegating, you will only earn SPK tokens at 0.010% but if you also delegate to a node operator, you and the node operator will earn at 0.015%.

Also note that you can alway power down at anytime and it will take 4 weeks for total power down.

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