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Tutorial and a short Review of DTube

fatherfaithPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

I am happy to welcome you all to my DTube channel. In this video, I did a tutorial and a short review of @dtube, one of the DApps on Hive and in fact one of the best video platform in world right now.

Let me first of all say a big thank you to the organizer, @theycallmedan for this great initiative.

DTube is one of my favorite DApps and I am happy to do this.

In this video, I have made a short and detailed tutorial on;
How to register and get your private key on DTube?
How to link your DTube account to your Hive accounts?
How to sign up on Hive for those who don't have an account yet?
How to publish your video on DTube?

I also did a short review of DTube and why every video content creator needs to always make use of DTube.

Enjoy watching it.

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