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Toko village water borehole project: Touching life through NASENI-CORNELL SOLAR INSTALLATION TRAINING PROGRAM

fatherfaithPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

I've made a couple of posts about the NASENI-CORNELL SOLAR INSTALLATION TRAINING PROGRAM. You can read them all:




The training program has come and gone but the impact of the training will be remembered for ever. Remember I already inform you that 40 Nigerian unemployed youth were trained on solar installation. The training was a detailed one which included theoretical aspect, practical and field work.

Apart from the 40 youth trained, the people of Toko village in Nasarawa state of Nigeria also feel the impact of the training through the installation of solar powered water borehole for the village.

The borehole powered by solar in the village was the project used as the field work for the training. The village was strategically chosen for the project in other to touch the live of the villagers.

The location of the village is off-grid and so, the villagers have no access to electricity and water supply. The villagers were so happy and filled with joy has we commissioned the water borehole powered by solar for them and opened it for their use.

I am also happy to be part of the team that executed this life-touching project and I also ask God for strength and wisdom in providing more of this help to the less privileged.

Here are some pictures from the event:


image (1).png

image (10).png

image (2).png

image (3).png

image (4).png

image (5).png

image (6).png

image (7).png

image (8).png

image (9).png

I remain my humble self @fatherfaith

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