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The closing ceremony of the 2 weeks training on Small Hydro Power

fatherfaithPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

In my previous post, I wrote about the 2 weeks training organized by the Chinese government in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology on Small Hydro Power (SHP)


The topic of the training was Construction and Management of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project for Nigeria Agenda.

The closing ceremony of the training was a colourful event. The closing ceremony had a lot of dignitaries in attendance. They include:

  • The Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology - Mr Burris Bakonabasu
  • The Secretary of the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of Embassy of the People Republic of China - Mr Zhu Zheming
  • Chief Engineer of the International Center on Small Hydropower - Prof. Tan Qiangqing
  • The Director of Renewable and Conventional Energy Technology Department of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology - Eng. Gummi Abbas
  • The Director Finance and Accounts of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology - Mr Ibrahim Yusuf
  • Special Assistant to Secretary to the Council, National Planning Commission - Mr Abdullahi Yakubu
  • Executive Vice Chairman of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure - Prof Haruna Sani


Also at the ceremony, speeches were delivered by

  1. Mr Burris Bakonabasu

  2. Prof. Tan Qiangqing

  3. Mr Abdullahi Yakubu

  4. Prof Haruna Sani

  5. Participants Representative


During the ceremony, the participants were given their certificate with some gift from China.


It was a great event as the training had been great too with so many things learned. During the training, we visited Usman Dam, Gurara water fall and Gurara dam.



There was another training we had on solar energy which was organized by the US government.

Stay tuned. I will also bring you all the report from the Solar training.

I remain my humble self @fatherfaith
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