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Spotlight - Imaginative Painting

fatherfaithPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

I am so delighted to publish another beautiful artwork. It is an Imaginative Painting titled Spotlight.


This is the second I am showcasing. It took a total time of 42hrs to get this painting done.

In the painting is a typical traditional Yoruba drummer with his drum popularly called "talking drum". In Yoruba language, it is called Gangan or Iya Ilu.

It is called talking drum because it can talk if handle by someone that knows how to play it. Usually, people that beat Gangan (Talking drum) are called Ayan.

The concept of this painting is that most of Nigerian parties have drummers who take the show by making melodies with their drum such that people sometimes forget they are at that event for a particular reason and start wiggling to the rhythm.

The most important reason why the drummers do this is to earn a living while making people happy. These drummers do not need an invitation card to be at any event, sometimes they come as a troupe or a solo drummer but it is always the best when all members are present.

When these drummers start to beat their drums all other sounds do not make sense to the guests. They also go as far as chanting eulogies, appraisals and prayers. These practice of stealing shows at parties is greatly found amongst the Yorubas.

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Thanks for Dropping By !

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