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Sixth time and fifth time in a row of winning @spectrumecons Buying and Selling Game Contest

fatherfaithPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Another great feat achieved as I was again declared the winner of the @spectrumecons Buying and Selling Game Contest. This makes it the sixth time I'm winning the contest and the fifth time in a row. According to @spectrumecons, this is the highest winning streak so far. I am happy and so proud of this great achievement.

This last contest I won was the #31 of its kind and for this particular contest, 9 people participated. The contest was about buying goods from a particular town with a given budget and stating the place to sell the good.

Participants are given 6 choices of goods to buy from 5 different places. They are now required to sell the goods in a future date in a place of their choice. The goal is to have the most profit after selling the goods.

The information provided include the goods to be bought, places to buy the goods from, the buying prices of all goods and a triangle distribution for the selling price of each good in each town, city, island or planet. For the triangle distribution, the minimum, maximum, and mode values are provided.

You can all check the contest's post and the post of the contest result to learn more about the game.



All that was needed to be done in order to participate in the contest, was to comment one's answer in the particular order given and my answer was as stated below

Name of Place: Pristine Town
Goods purchased: Steam Cleaner
Number purchased: 459
Amount spent on goods: $39,933
Name of Place: Spotlessville

With my answer, I made a profit of $27,912(67,845 – 39,933) and was declared winner.


Kudos to all participants and special appreciation goes to the organizer.

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards

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