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Seventh time and sixth time in a row of winning @spectrumecons Buying and Selling Game Contest

fatherfaithPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 months ago3 min read

Again I won the the @spectrumecons Buying and Selling Game Contest for the month of October. The October contest was the 32nd of its kind. This makes it my seventh win and my sixth time in a row of winning the contest.

The contest resumed back last month after like 2 months when the 7 weeks challenge was organized where I came 2nd overall and won 2 of the challenges.
Unfortunately during the seven weeks challenge, I did not win any of the 2 Buying and Selling Game (the original version and the business version) but I am so happy to resume back winning.


11 people participated in the contest and the contest was about buying or producing goods with an allocated budget.

Participants were given a decision of three sorts of merchandise to purchase or produce. They were expected to purchase or produce these merchandise in mixes determined in the contest. The participants were expected to set the selling costs of the merchandise they have purchased or produced.

The goal was to create the most noteworthy gain from the sale of the merchandise one has purchased or produced.

The information provided include all the goods that can be bought in the game, costs of the goods, the maximum, minimum, mode and the diminishing utility.

The assumptions of the game are that each good has 100 potential customers, each customer can buy up to 6 of a particular good, each customer is only interested in one type of good and there is overhead cost of $300. The total budget is $1,500.

You can all check the contenst's post and the post of the contest result to learn more about the game.



All that was needed to be done in order to participate in the contest, was to comment one's answer in the particular order given and my answer was as stated below

Quantity:8(1 batches) Selling price: $20
Quantity: 24(3 batches) Selling Price: $24.60
Pod Machines
Quantity: 24(3 batches) Selling Price: $51

With my answer, I made a profit of $522.40 and was declared winner.

Out of the 11 participants, only 4 had valid entries. Others were disqualified either for not buying the goods in batches as specified in the contest or for exceeding the contest budget.

Kudos to all participants and special appreciation goes to the organizer.

The Buying and Selling Game Contest for this month which is the #33 is currently on and will be open till 6PM coordinated universal time (UTC) 16/11/2022. This will be the final Buying and Selling Game Contest as a new series will be launched in January 2023. There will also be a one-off contest in December for Christmas. But before then, do well to join and participate in the ongoing contest. Here is the link below:

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