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Scientist and Engineers in Nigeria were trained on Small Hydro Power (SHP) by the Chinese government

fatherfaithPosted for Everyone to comment on, last year2 min read

Chinese government in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology in Nigeria organized a 2 weeks training on Small Hydro Power (SHP) to train Scientists and Engineers. The venue for the training was the TOC (Technical Orientation Centre) in NASENI (National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure) Headquarters in Abuja.

As we all know SHP is well used in the developed countries and we are looking at tapping into this to generate electricity in Nigeria.

Before now, NASENI has already done a comprehensive research and established that the water bodies that we have in Nigeria are more than enough to supply the whole Nigeria with power.

In the training, we learnt about the history of China, which is really making use of the SHP to generate power. They were also the organizer of the training.

We also learnt about the requirements of SHP and how the dam should be structured. Part of what we also learnt was the different types of SHP and ranges of SHP. We also learnt about how other countries are making use of it.

Here in Nigeria, we have so many dams that have the potential for SHP. One of them is Shiroro Dam located in Niger State.


We visited Usman Dam in Abuja which also have a good potential for SHP.

After the Chinese professor who was one of the facilitators for the training explained to the management while we were visiting, which is to check out the potential of the Dam for SHP, the management of the dam took us round the dam and explained to us the history of the dam.

They also explained to us how the dam is structured and the mechanism of how it flows in from the source rivers and how it flows out to supply the city.


Let me mention that Usman Dam is the dam supplying the whole of Abuja and part of Niger state.

NASENI was the host of the training and as a staff of NASENI, I was part of the participants of the training and I was part of the people that visited Usman Dam.



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