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More LEO token bought and staked through LeoDex in preparation for LeoLegends

fatherfaithPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago3 min read

Since the beginning of this year I have been investing religiously in LEO token and I keep telling as many who care to also invest in this invaluable token, that investment in LEO is investment in future.

I want to specially appreciate @khaleelkazi and the entire leofinance team for all the great work they are doing. Just a week ago, @khaleelkazi broke the news about the NFT and play-to-earn branch of LeoFinance in the AMA reported in this video/post called LeoLegends.

According to him, LeoLegends NFT will be minted by LEO holders which means the number of NFT the will be minted by individual will depend on the amount of LEO token you have. This is a good new for LEO token investors. A use case for the token which can also lead to value appreciation and an opportunity to own the NFT.

You guys can now see the reason I've been consistently preaching to invest in LEO.

As usual, I just invested around $16 on LEO token. I bought the token through LeoDex using SWAP.HIVE and also staked it using LeoDex.

Below is the screenshot of the process of buying and staking LEO on LeoDex.

LEO and SWAP.HIVE balance on my LeoDex before buying the LEO


Exchanging 33.48 Hive for 181 LEO at 0.185 price


Image showing successful transaction

Image showing my LEO balance after buying

Staking 195.048 LEO


Image showing that the LEO Staking was successful

My LEO balance after staking

With the 195.048 LEO Staked, my total LEO Staked this year is now 772.622 LEO and my total LEO Power is now 1,307.463 LP.

Investment in LEO is a great investment and it is an investment in the future.

Read about my previous investment in $LEO:

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards

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