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Lessons from the mass inductrination day 1 held on the 8th August 2022 via zoom

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It was a great time listening to great teaching from bro Eli. A lot of lessons were learnt and I just want to share few from the lessons.

Some of the important points learned from the words of God discussed in the Zoom meeting are:
  • 1 Timothy 6:3
    We are in the Christian dispensation and we need to listen to the doctrine of Christ. The time of Moses and the prophets have gone
  • Matthew 17:5
    If we are going to listen to doctrine, II should be the doctrine of Christ. The problem this days is that people listen to different doctrines.
  • In the early Christian community, they recognize the only master who is Jesus Christ. He is the only master and the teacher. We should not allow buddah or any other person to teach us. Jesus is the only teacher appointed by God for us.
  • Mark 7:7
    No matter what we give, maybe money, time, etc, if we are not following the doctrine of God, all those things we give or sacrifice are in vain.
  • Matthew 28:19-20
    The first thing we would do after examining the doctrine is baptism.
  • If something is not written in the Bible, do not accept it. All the doctrine of Christ are in the Bible.
  • The first doctrine is baptism. When Paul converted from Judaism to Christianity, the first thing he did was baptism.
  • Ephesians 3:6
    We need to be members of the body of Christ to be a fellow heir. It means we cannot reject the church.
  • John 12:48
    If you say you receive christ and reject his word, it means you reject christ. Receiving christ is receiving his word and part of his word is joining church. Joining the church is one of the doctrine of Christ.
  • Ecclesiastice 7:27
    We need to compare one thing to another to know that which is true.
  • Before we can become a member of the church, we need to be baptised and before we are baptised, we need to hear and receive the word.
My former beliefs or expectation that was improved for listening at the Zoom meeting

Many people believe that to be a member of the church is not important, even many so call men of God do preach it. Fro the indoctrination teaching we learned that is is one of the doctrines to be a member of the church. The church is the body of Christ and we need to be a member of the body of Christ.

Ways in which the study affect us that can make us a better person that we can use in our daily lives

From the teaching, we have leant that if we do not follow the doctrines of Christ, every other things we do are in vain. So as we go on in our daily lives we need to follow the doctrines of God.

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