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Get together with my people

fatherfaithPosted for Everyone to comment on, 11 months ago2 min read

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This video is from the get together I had with my people. When I say my people, I mean my unit members in my church - NewLife Baptist church, Saburi Residential District, Deidei, Abuja, Nigeria.

This is the choir unit of the church. I belong to the choir unit and we live like a family. At the end of the year, we took time out for a get together for us to relax, enjoy ourselves, evaluate and discuss on how to improve ourselves.

It was indeed time of enjoyment as there was a lot to eat and drink. We also took time out to dance to beautiful music.

While evaluating our performance for year 2022, we were able to highlight the things we did right and the things we need to improve on. We told ourselves the truth and the need for us to do well in the year 2023.

We also set out some rules and regulations to make us better and to improve us as to go in 2023.

Our adviser was also around at the get together with us and we were so happy to have her around. She shared with us the word of God and also gave us some advice.

As we all know, music ministry is one of the important ministries in the church, reason why the church choir needs to work together as one and always work to improve on the department.

For the year 2023,we have highlighted a lot of programs for the choir, which include quarterly retreat, prayer anf fasting and so on. We have also fixed 2 times rehearsals every week. Part of what we discussed was that every member should learn to play one instrument or more.

In short, it was a nice time together and we enjoyed ourselves.




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