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SunMed Growers ~ Lemon Meringue ~ Sativa ~ Review

erodedthoughtsPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago

I have not smoked a joint by myself in so long.

I have to say it was AWESOME!!

Here is the list of my high, I got to write down before I was too stoned.

I will try to describe my high as best I can.

I started to high step

My neck in the back started to feel like it was rolling upwards...

All the colors got crisp and more clear

Then the full head trip kicked in and I zoned pain-free for a good few hours.



They were pretty fat as well......


I didn't taste any Lemon Meringue as I smoked this but I did feel a lot before feeling nothing.

Price : $15 for 2
Effects : See Above, lol

#sativa #sunmed #cannabis #pain managment #joint

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