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Eroded is back

erodedthoughtsPosted 13 days ago for Everyone to comment on

Greetings everyone, I live. I say that with a light heart as I no longer feel like dying every day due to pain. I stopped the opiates on December 31st 2019. Got divorced in March 2020, did the whole Covid thing. Lost everything in 2020 if I look at it logically.

I just wanted to tell you guys how I am doing. Even as I lost it all in 2020, 2021 has been awesome. I'm on my 4th month of therapy and having to have surgery looks like a distant memory. My house sold after 30 days on the market so I lived in a hotel for a month and now live alone a county over from where I was. I feel good overall. My memory is shot to shit, I have maybe 4 years worth of memories after all those pills. Yet every day I feel a little better.

I hope some of the old timers are around and stop in to say hi. I should be setting up my witness again soon.

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