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XFCE4 desktop environment in SliTaz

erkanPosted last year for slitaz Pod Members to comment on

Setting up XFCE4 4.12 (1) in @SliTaz:

I. install SliTaz from the current liveCD to HD

II. I installed the packages from here first (probably more than needed, quick: "tazpkg search xfce"):

III. then I edited the file:

at the WINDOW_MANAGER line, add: xfce4-session
   (applications.conf is called from $HOME/.xsession)

IV. I also had to install xrdb, since Xorg complained about it being missing:
   tazpkg -gi xorg-xrdb

V. then rebooted SliTaz and I saw:

VI. I clicked: "Migrate old config"

about from panel:


In the future this old discussion may also be of help...

I'm creating this so I can send it to a user so he can reinstall as I did. Then, we can proceed from there.

As you see in the pics some things still need a polish, e.g. icons missing...

and... XFCE is NOT the standard desktop used in SliTaz.

(1) this is XFCE 4.12 (building one of the packages for 4.14 has an error and needs further investigation)

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